Soldering Sunday

A few months ago i was messing around with my N64’s. Yes i have two, one is a modded jp console and the other a normal pal one. The modded console has always annoyed me. The reason being is that the display is so dark. I purchased it already modded years ago and just thought that was how they were. So i took to the internet to see if i could improve the display.

Turns out that those consoles that suffer with a darker display need to have a little amp added. I thought yay, finally i can get a good picture. I then took apart my N64 to find that the person who added the mod had glue gunned the hell out of everything. I mean the chip the wires were soldered to were covered. I left the n64 carcass on my kitchen table and hunted ebay for an RGB amp for my console.

After a few days my chip arrived and i then went to see how hard it was to install. I also purchased a temperature controlled soldering iron as my cheap one looked like it may catch fire. The install looked pretty fiddly and i’m very new to soldering. What could go wrong?

Almost everything went wrong. I successfully soldered on the amp in the right place, i was very impressed with my soldering for that part. Then came the glue gun nightmare. I took to it with a metal spudger to try and pry the glue from the board. In doing this i managed to snap one of the legs from the chip the wires were soldered on to. After swearing for 5 mins i calmed down and went to ebay to find a replacement NTSC N64.

A month past as i couldn’t find a good price. People on ebay tend to be evil devil spawn when it comes to retro games and systems. Nearly everything i look for costs either the same as it did when it was released or double. Being in the UK makes finding decent overseas consoles a pain as they rack the price up. I did however stumble accross a lovely ebay seller who sold just the base unit and nothing else. Perfect.

Few days later the unit arrived. I then took to my N64 carcass and tried to desolder the amp. That didnt’ go to plan either. In de soldering i somehow managed to knock off the conductive plates on some of the holes. This now rendered the amp useless. So back to ebay and i will cry into my gin bottle. Fingers crossed i have better luck next time.

Table showing n64's in bits

Kitchen table n64 graveyard


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