Borderlands 2 on PS4 (why am i playing this again!)


picture of borderlands 2 handsome collection

I bought Borderlands 2 when it came out in the hopes of playing with some friends on console. They decided that this game wasn’t for them and so i then ended up laying it solo on my ps3. The game was pretty hard in solo mode, or at least i found it to be. I eventually finished it and put it to one side. Then came my PC buddies who saw it going really cheap and asked if i would like to play with them. So the second purchase of the game happened. I picked it up cheap on steam. So with the 3 of us this game felt so much more fun to play. We played the whole thing and again i put it to one side.

Fast forward more years and finally one of my console friends sees the handsome collection going cheap on PS4 and tells me about it. Slightly reluctant as i had already purchased this game twice now i stupidly bought it again. This time it did come with all DLC and the pre-sequel game i’ve never played, so its not a total waste.

Being on my third play through of the game made me wonder why i was doing this. The game isn’t the best game in the world, far from it. The story is way better than the first game but the concept and the play style is pretty much the same. I think the main reason as it always will be in this situation is friends. I love playing video games with friends. They can make a pretty bad game feel worth playing, i enjoy the banter and strange bugs that we find. I enjoy spending time with them and accomplishing things i may not have tried on my own. I do wish there were more co-op games being developed.

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