EGX 2017 NEC Birmingham Day 1

Games i managed to play today


I left the village of the shire to trek to an unknown place called Birmingham. It was to attend the gaming convention in the UK called EGX. It used to be in Earls Court in London but the past few years it moved to the NEC in Birmingham as Earls Court is no more.

After having a slight panic at Reading station i helped an old lady get her luggage onto the train and set off. I managed to locate my hotel which for some strange reason has an apple store approach to checking in. You walk in, find a person in a tshirt with an iphone and they check you in. They also pour you a pint a the bar and order you food in the restaurant. I’ve never stayed somewhere like it.

I arrived at around 2:40 at the NEC and got totally lost. Ended up at an Emergency Services convention and had to ask someone where the hell EGX was. There were no signposts or any indication of where i needed to go.

I finally got my wristband of one day only shame and entered in.

I did my usual zoom round to scope out the area. It was pretty big. Started off with the Indie games and moved onto the the bigger titles. There was a massive esports area and a decent amount of retro stuff including pinball machines.

Ni No Kuni 2

I found myself in a random area and i stumbled across Ni No Kuni 2. Not many people seemed to be around it so i took this as a great opportunity to play it. A very kind man explained to me a little bit about the game. I had played the original but since this game is a prequel it really didn’t matter too much. The battles had changed too. Instead of a sort of loose turn based system you now had full control over a character and could hit them in full real time.

The demo i chose out of 4 was an exploration level with a boss fight at the end. The exploration section was very much in keeping with the visuals from the previous. It was 3d but looked like a 2d anime. I wandered around a rocky area with some people to talk to. There wasn’t that much to explore there so i headed to the quest marker.

The world map however was a little strange. It looked a lot to me like the game World of Final Fantasy where the characters turn into strange squashed versions of themselves. I wasn’t too keen on this as i felt it took you away from that beautiful style the first game had. The characters also had a strange plastic toy look to them. One nice touch to the is game was that all the shimmering collecting items you automatically picked up when walking over them. Again i moved on to the quest marker for the next area.

I did a few fights and got used to the new combat system. It seemed that your character draws power from these small little pikmin characters dotted around the battle field. Once i had walked into enough i could use my superpowers. I used my new found techniques to quickly get rid of the boss at the end of the demo. I’d say it was around 10 mins to finish it. The only guide as to how to control the game was a piece of card with the control map on. Though i did pick up the gist fairly well.

What i think of it

I loved the original a lot. It took a while to get into but it paid off at the end. This one i will definitely buy but i’m not too happy about the world map screen. Combat i think i will like a lot more than the previous strange pokemon almost turn based system. I hope the story is as engaging as the first and it has those wonderful Ghibli cutscenes.

Assassins Creed Origins

I knew this was going to be a long wait and after an hour of waiting i finally had a chance to play. We were given about 15 mins of play time and were given a mission to complete. We started off on horseback and moved down a windy sandy (it’s set in Egypt, there will be a lot of this) dirt track to a village by the sea.

We had xbox one controllers and i’m not sure if they have messed the usual Assassins Creed control system but i really struggled to even move my horse in a smooth way. I also plunged into the sea and started to swim underwater. My poor character was almost killed by my lack of control and understanding of the underwater mechanics. Fighting i also had trouble with. I kept wanting to hold the left trigger button like i do on my PS4 but they swapped it all about.

You have an eagle which can scout for you. I accidently pressed it and then nearly dived the poor bird into the water. I found my target and then after many failed attempts at combat i completed the mission. I then had more time to spare so i went on a murderous rampage around the village.

What i thought

looked pretty as they always do. Not to sure on controls. As much as i like Assassin’s Creed games i’m getting a bit fed up with them. Might wait this one out and purchase later down the line.

After arriving fairly late there wasn’t much time left after that so i wandered about a bit and then watched a Pokken tournament at the Nintendo area. This looked pretty good. I think the switch is showing a lot of promise and is definitely making me want to get one. I will investigate the Nintendo booths in more detail tomorrow



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