EGX 2017 Birmingham NEC day 2 (my final day)

After not much sleep due to having my window open in the hotel for air and there being a huge casino opposite that closed at 4am i slowly made my way back to the NEC. Stuck on a very crammed Virgin train, having to stand in first class as there was no other way to get to standard i chatted to the people around me who were also attending the event. The person next to me had mentioned that he was also at the Pokken tournament i was at the previous evening and we discussed how good that game looked.

Heading into the NEC was a little different from the previous day as hundreds of people were heading into the event. We hit the big hall of queueness and were moved into our cattle market pens waiting for the all clear to go in. I saw a few schools taking their students which i thought was pretty nice. I wished my school had done things like that.

EGX day 2 queue┬áSince i knew it was going to be busier than the previous day i decided not to bother queuing for the big titles as it just wasn’t worth my time. I wanted to see more of the event and play some more random games i wouldn’t normally notice.





Raiders of the broken planet

I played the pc version of this with an xbox one controller. It threw you into the prologue which i believe is free to download on pc and play right now. Its a third person over the shoulder type game and goes through the usual tutorial type event where you run up to something and it says “hey press this to double jump” and so forth. First impressions where quite good. It felt a lot like Gears of War meets Metal Gear Rising in the way you moved and stealth attacked enemies. The character i was playing had the ability to lock onto a target far away and then teleport over to it and hang off the side of buildings. This was quite fun to do. I wasn’t good at the stealth which isn’t anything new but i did get satisfaction when using the weapons. I played through the prologue and grabbed me a badge and moved on.

Forgotten Anne

This is a side scrolling puzzle adventure game which is part of the Square Enix Collective. I ended up spending quite a bit of time on this one as it really captivated me. It uses some beautiful animations in its story telling scenes and the voice acting is top notch. The animation reminded me of late 80s early 90s anime which was a nice touch. In the demo i played you don’t know much about the protagonist apart from something in the distance is broken and that’s a bad thing. She is in a tower the other side of the city/town and you then start your journey to try and get to the other tower. Along the way you find out that you can suck up this yellow liquid that seems to be the source of power in this world and use it to solve puzzles. You meet a lamp that talks and that’s apprantly normal. The artwork is stunning and i just found myself wanting to explore and see more. The platforming controls are pretty standard with a few twists based on abilities and items you find that help you along the way.

There are some game changing choices to be made along the way which i’m excited to see what my outcome will be when i get my hands on the full release. It will be out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2017 (fingers crossed).


Raging Justice

I came across a fun looking (dare i say it) Streets of Rage looking game. It played a little different as you had the ability to arrest people, though i decided i would be a nasty police man and just beat the crap out of everyone. It felt very polished and responsive. The hits felt good and i had a great time with this game. I’m very surprised that there wasn’t more decent side brawlers about. I will keep an eye on this one.


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