Sea of Thieves Xbox One Controller

So my faithful Xbox 360 controller i use for the PC decided to fail on me. This helped me make a decision to upgrade my controller setup for the pc and go for the popular Xbox One model. Now i like me some special edition items and just as i was looking i stumbled on this beauty. I have no intention of buying the game but the controller was just crying for me to get it.

I have to put it to Rare for their awesome design team for the gorgeous looking box and interesting look to what could’ve been a basic colour change and logo print. The dark transparent purple case and the greeny blue spatters make it stand out. It has a slight texture to it that makes it feel good in the hand. I have quite small hands so this helps a lot.

 box for sea of thieves controllr

You could buy a matching charging stand to go with it but the controller itself cost quite a bit and i couldn’t justify the price for the stand as well. I’m happy to just shove in a usb cable and charge it the old fashioned way.

Picture of the front of the controller 

This is a standard controller with no special dpad or sticks. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and though my little hands do fit slightly better on the old 360 controller i do like this new one.


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