Ossc Open Source Scan Converter

For years I’ve been using a janky scart to HDmi box which does the job, but not as well as I would like.

The box I used was a £30 amazon purchase and is a bit of an ongoing joke on the Internet with the rise of retrogaing visual snobs. I don’t class myself as a snob and this devise enabled me to capture some game footage from my older consoles fine, but there were some issues. It had a horrible tendency to blur the sprite you moved when you moved it. Once you spot it doing it it’s hard to unsee and started to drive me nuts.

So I started to scour the Internet to find something that wasn’t a stupid amount of money (im looking at you framemeister) that would allow me to hook up scart and output HDmi.

In steps the Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC) to save the day. This rather home made looking device was a 3rd of the price of a framemeister and did 90% of the same things. So I waited until payday and purchased one of these bad boys. Link below if you wish to get one too.

video game perfection

If you want to control this device you will need a universal TV remote and the ability to program it to work with the Ossc. I purchased my one with the devise. Also note that you need to be careful with power supplies as if they are not in stock you will need to purchase a DC 5v 1a or higher plug with a 2.1 x 5.5mm tip. I got one on amazon that so far is working fine. Link below.

UK plug

I’ve tested via scart the following consoles.

Scart test

  • Snes (pal) Region free switch mod
  • Megadrive 2 (pal)
  • Dreamcast (pal)
  • N64 (pal, ntsc rgb mod)

Component test

  • Xbox original (pal softmod)

I’ve only had an issue with my pal N64 which outputs a black screen. The Ntsc one seems to work fine.

Note with the component connectors you will need to route the audio via an adaptor to the 3.5mm jack on the device and switch a switch to enable audio in and out of the jack.

I’m currently in love with the scan line option. It makes me feel nostalgic and it’s how I remember seeing my older games run.


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