2019 the year of stuff happening

Wow what a crappy 6 months I’ve had. I have gone from feeling pretty OK to just downright depressed and falling apart health-wise.

My lack of motivation has made me not want to play games, something that is a huge part of my life. So i now have a HUGE backlog of titles to get through. I’m not feeling 100% better but i’m slowly getting myself out of this miserable pit of doom I’ve hidden away in for so long.

I’m now on a big weight loss push for both my mental and physical health. Let’s hope by the end of this year i will be a much happier stable person that when it started.

I couldn’t do this weight loss push without help and i thank everyone who’s supporting me through this. I have some great friends keeping an eye on what i eat via an app and offering advice. I’m also being dragged walking at least 4 times a week to help. I need to lose at least half of what i am now, its going to be a slow progress but i’m determined to do it this time.

So i hope to add more to this blog just to keep me going. This is my journey and if you like games, random gaming stuff, moaning, not many posts a year and cat pictures on twitter, give me a follow and we can make this mess of a journey together.


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