Resident Evil 2 One Shot Demo

Like 80% of the internet i gave Resident Evil 2 remake’s One Shot Demo a go. You have 30 mins to get to the end of the section of gameplay they let you see. I unfortunately didn’t make it to the end. I think i was fairly close thought.

I absolutely loved Resident Evil 2 on the PSOne. I borrowed it from a friend along with the first and played the both the directors cut of the first and then the second right after. I felt the second game had a much better story and remains till this day my favourite Resi game. Lets hope the re-imagining is up scratch. Judging from the demo it’s looking pretty darn good.

Watch me try and play the demo

The only thing that feels odd is being able to just push doors open instead of waiting about 15 secs for the loading door animation to finish. Obviously this is a good thing as the loading times on ps one games sometimes ruined your game play flow.

I remember the end battle spanning across two in game screens and having a 2-3 sec pause when crossing into them. This made for a very stressful boss fight where you had to try and remember which way your character was facing into the next seen, otherwise you could accidentally walk right back to the scene you were in. Damn those “tank” controls of the originals.


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