New PC

I’ve been rocking my i7 950 (yes its not even an overclockable chip) and gigabyte x58 usb 3 edition for about 10 years. I’ve added ram and replaced the cooler and graphics card a few times. I had a gtx 970 in it at the end, i know this wasn’t the best idea but it let me play gta 5 so i was happy.

So the mission to save up began and i started to budget for a pretty beef system that will hopefully last me a fair few years. I figured i could pull the heat sink and GPU from my current build to save a bit of cash.

I tend to go mid tower as i don’t have the space for a full tower under my desk. My friend has a really nice Corsair cube case which did take my fancy until i spotted the one i finally went for. The ultimate goal was to have a white/purple and black theme.


  • Case – Be Quiet Dark Base 700 (White)
  • MainBoard – Gigabyte Aorus z390 pro
  • SSDs – Samsung Evo 860 500g / WD Blue 500g
  • HDD – Seagate Baraccuda 2TB
  • Thermal Paste – Thermal Grizzly Kryonaught
  • RAM – Corsair Vengence LPX 3000 (White)
  • Processor – i7 9700k
  • Power Supply – Corsair RM850x 80 plus gold
  • GPU – GTX 970 (reused from old build)
  • Noctua NH-D15 (reused from old build)

The Old Beast

this case has always been horrible to work with. i’ve cut myself many times.

Old faithful. We had many fun years together. I will be putting her back together with my old Radeon hd5770 and hypo evo 12 cooler to turn it into a backup machine.

The New Beast

First thing to say is how amazing that case is. I know i don’t build pc’s for a living but this case was so nice to work in. You can take the top out completely which is for adding in a radiator, i ended up using this feature to get at the tiny 12v power pin on the top left of the board. I had trouble getting to this because of the stupid size of the cooler. This will be replaced with a smaller powerful one soon.

The case comes with its own fan controller and rgb strip down the front. You can only select 8 colours but as one of them was purple i was very happy. The main board also has the RGB fancy pants lighting that they all seem to come with now a days. I just had to try and match up the colours.

It took me most of the morning to get it all done. I’m new to the cable management (as you can tell from my previous pc pic) and just tried to hide as much as possible. The back panel is closed so i can hide my shame.

I purchased some white cable mod cables but didn’t use them. I’m saving them for when i swap out the cooler and you can see a bit more going on. Though i’m quite liking the black anyway.

The amount of drive bays this case has is amazing and the amount of fans you can add is also great. The controller can handle 6 fans and some rgb strips if i need them. I might get a few to add a bit more purple later down the line.

There she is. Apart from the massive beast of a cooler i think she looks pretty neat.

My Thoughts

Having not built a pc for a while it was so exciting to build my own. I’ve spent months and months looking at parts and cases, trying to get the best for my money and also trying to future proof my rig.

I love the case. I can’t tell you how great it looks. So builder friendly and the glass panel is just gorgeous. I’ve had gigabyte boards for years now and i’m very happy to stick with them. So far the board is playing nice.

The main board seems fine. Time will tell if its built like a tank of my previous boards but so far so good.

Very happy overall with the build. I’ve not got the fans attached with their rubber attachments to minimise noise so its not as quiet as it could be. As long as it keeps that i7 cool i’m happy.

Next Steps

New cooler and graphics card are the main upgrades. I’m pretty happy with my 970 at the moment. I only game at 1080p and i don’t have any fancy 4k monitors yet. Not sure if i’ll stick with Nvidia as the current line of cards are either really expensive or just not that great. I might move back to AMD this time.


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