Kid Klown and Bank Holiday Monday

So after building my dream pc i needed to test my streaming setup for my old consoles. I thought i’d pick a simple short game to play to test and decided on Kid Klown in Crazy chase for the SNES. This was a game i used to play on my brothers Super Wild Card system and i remember it being a little frustrating but thought that was down to me being young and foolish.

This game is a little odd. I have no idea who Kid Klown is and i’m too lazy to bother to find out. What i can tell from the intro a clown princess has been kidnapped, usual boring stuff. The evil guy dressed in black (who appears to be some sort of bomb enthusiast) has laid out a long obstacle course for the protagonist to run through in order to stop the big bomb at the end of the level from blowing up. Make sense? No i didn’t get it either.

You control the character by moving up down left or right on the dpad and any of the other buttons is jump. The catch to these easy controls is that the level is a sort of isometric map with hard to judge 3d-ish elements to it. If you push down the character runs faster, up he slows down and left and right to avoid obstacles.

The time limit is the bomb which you can see how far along it is by looking at the bottom left. Also another random feature are these balloons scattered about the level. You have to carefully position yourself under the shaddow to jump and grab these. You won’t know whats inside until you try. From what i can tell they aren’t random, so you can learn the patterns in the 40 times you end up trying a level.

The way to successfully finish a level is to jump and grab balloons to find card suits (heart, diamond, spade and club). If you don’t collect all of these you have to play that level over again. One nice feature is you get to keep the ones you already collected.

I played this for about half an hour and in that time i swore muliple times and nearly crushed my controller. I had pain in my left thumb from trying to make the little shit move where i wanted him. I managed to get to stage 4 with 3 continues but decided to call it a day before i broke my nice 8bitdo controller.

Lesson learned. I still hate this game and no amount of growing up can subdue the rage this game consumes you with. This game may be fun with a group of friends playing pass the controller. Other than that i would avoid if you’re easily angered.

Check out my stream below. I’m not mic’d up to save the internet from my rage.

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