Hello and welcome to a section of wordpress that will include bad grammar and spelling. I just thought i’d warn you in advance.

Obviously my name is not Mooglemuffin. This was a name i came up with when trying to find a name for one of my World of Warcraft (WoW) characters. After spending 10 minuets failing at finding a name not already in use i decided to invent one. This name combined the name of one of the cute fluffy flying creatures found in the Final Fantasy games with something stupid. I like muffins and it just sounded cute.

So over the years i have used this name for internet purposes. My WoW guild quickly shortened it to Moog and so i adopted that name for various online activities like twitter.

I live in the UK countryside and enjoy long walks and all that countryside stuff. I’m a collector of gaming consoles and gaming tat. Though i’ve not looked at ebay or a car boot sale for a while. I stopped buying items when i realised it was taking over my room and i needed space to sleep. So most of my collection remains in boxes cleverly hidden away in the roof of the house. One day i shall have that perfect gaming room. I just need a house of my own first.

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